My name is Mike Dobie. I’ve spent the last five years of my life dedicated to rock climbing development, first ascents, and exploration in China. Pioneering climbing in Li Ming, Yunnan. Dao Cheng/JarJinJiaBo, Sichuan, Guoliang, Henan and Keketuohai, Xinjiang, I am also the author of the guidebooks Li Ming Rock and Dao Cheng Bouldering and Climbing. Through the sponsorship by The North Face, Black Diamond, Mad Rock Climbing, and DaliBar, I’ve been able to maintain this lifestyle of climbing and exploring. I am also a Certified Athletic Trainer.

Career Highlights

  • over 180 first ascents in Li Ming, Yunnan
  • Highlight routes: The Iron Tusk 5.13- trad, The Prophecy 5.12+/13- trad, Goliath 5.12+ trad, Wind of the North 5.12+/13-, The Reckoning 5.12 PG-13, Flight of the Locust 5.12c/d mixed pro, Back to the Primitive Wildman Variation 5.12, The Diamond 5.13?,
  • Author of the Li Ming Rock Guidebook
  • Over 30 routes established in Keketuohai, Xinjiang
  • Highlight Routes: Diamond of the Witch House FFA 5.13, The Viper FFA in pinkpoint style 5.13b,The Bundy route 5.12 A1, Skyrim, Small Bell Direct 5.11, , Voices in the Deep 5.12,
  • JarJinJiaBo
  • The Rim Route 5.10 700m
  • Jabo Peak (5396m)
  • FA of Contradiction spire 5.11+ 5150m
  • First ascent of 5400m peak
  • Author of JarJinJiaBo Alpine rock and Dao Cheng Guidebook
Mike Dobie on The Iron Tusk 5.13-
Mike Dobie on The Iron Tusk 5.13-

Feel free to contact me about beta and climbing in China.


© All text, pictures, and media copyright Michael Dobie Do not reproduce in any way without consulting

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Is this the same Michael Dobie that interned with the Texas Rangers as an Athletic Trainer in 2007?


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